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    • Glazed Porcellaneous Stoneware ‘Lotus’ Dish
    • Glazed Porcellaneous Stoneware ‘Lotus’ Dish
    Glazed Porcellaneous Stoneware ‘Lotus’ Dish

    Song: Chinese Ceramics, 10th to 13th Century (part 5)

    10 May - 1 June, 2018

    This exhibition features twenty classic pieces from a range of important kilns active during the Song period (960 - 1279). This was an especially innovative and rich period for ceramic production and is often regarded as the ‘golden age’ of stoneware in China. Examples from both northern and southern kilns are included. Yaozhou celadons and fine porcellaneous Ding pieces are amongst the representatives of northern wares while examples from the south include the celebrated tea-bowls produced by the Jizhou kilns. The extraordinary diversity of shapes, glazes and innovative techniques seen in this exhibition reflects the richness of the Song ceramic tradition.

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    Glazed Porcellaneous Stoneware ‘Lotus’ Dish

    Northern Song period, 11th - 12th century
    Ding kilns, Hebei province

    Ding ceramics, one of the ‘classic’ wares of the Song period, were made from around the ninth century, reaching a peak between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The stylized lotus bloom incised on the centre of the dish is also a classic Song motif, found in paintings, ceramics and the decorative arts of the period.

    Diameter: 18.0c